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  • Brooklyn Mental Health Court

    The Brooklyn Mental Health Court offers community-based treatment in lieu of incarceration to defendants with serious mental health diagnoses.

  • Brooklyn Treatment Court

    The Brooklyn Treatment Court links defendants with substance use disorders to treatment as an alternative to incarceration.

  • Brooklyn Young Adult Court

    The Brooklyn Young Adult Court seeks to provide meaningful alternatives to conventional prosecution for young people, ages 16 to 24, charged with misdemeanors.

  • Project Reset

    Project Reset is a diversion program offering a new response to low-level offending that is proportionate, effective, and restorative. 

  • Rethinking Rikers Island

    By providing support to the Independent Commission on Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, we're aiding in the effort to reduce New York City’s jail population and close Rikers Island.

  • Supervised Release

    The Supervised Release Program seeks to reduce the number of people held in jail simply because they cannot afford bail.

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  • Shutter Island: Lessons from the Campaign to Close Rikers

    Daily News

    How does a radical idea become policy? And what can we take from the achievements of the campaign to close New York City's notorious Rikers Island jail facility that might help us confront other problems? In the Daily News, our director, Greg Berman, reflects on a landmark day in New York City criminal justice reform.

  • Low-Level Crimes Avoid Court with Art


    People arrested for low-level crimes in Brooklyn are getting a chance to avoid the court system if they participate in an art course offered by our Project Reset. A a two-hour class at the Brooklyn Museum helps them reflect on justice and accountability.

  • Project Reset: Art Sessions Instead of Jail

    New York Daily News

    Project Reset's goal is “ending a criminal justice system that turns minor offenses, minor crimes into lifelong problems,” New York City Council Speaker Corey Johnson said at an event at the Brooklyn Museum that marked the citywide expansion of the program.

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