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  • Community Court Grant Program

    The Community Court Grant Program seeks to support the creation, enhancement, and evaluation of community-focused courts across the country.

  • Bronx Community Solutions

    Bronx Community Solutions applies a problem-solving approach to non-violent cases in the Bronx, providing judges with alternatives to jail and fines.

  • Brooklyn Young Adult Court

    The Brooklyn Young Adult Court seeks to provide meaningful alternatives to conventional prosecution for young people, ages 16 to 24, charged with misdemeanors.

  • Harlem Community Justice Center

    The Harlem Community Justice Center works to increase housing stability, engage young people in their community, and help individuals returning from prison transition home.

  • Mentor Community Courts

    These community courts enhance assistance provided by the Center for Court Innovation by serving as regional resources for jurisdictions looking to implement similar community justice initiatives.

  • Midtown Community Court

    The Midtown Community Court is one of the country's first problem-solving courts. It provides alternatives to fines and jail as a response to low-level crime.

  • Newark Community Solutions

    Newark Community Solutions applies a problem-solving approach to low-level cases in Newark, New Jersey’s municipal courthouse.

  • Red Hook Community Justice Center

    The nation's first multi-jurisdictional community court, the Red Hook Community Justice Center seeks to solve neighborhood problems in southwest Brooklyn.

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  • NYPD Focusing on Six Precincts Where Crime Outpaces the City


    The New York City Police Department has announced a push to address high-crime rates in six precincts, a campaign to begin with community meetings. We work on-the-ground in all six precincts. WNYC spoke to our director of community development and crime prevention, James Brodick.

  • A Blueprint for 21st Century Policing

    The Hill

    In The Hill, our director, Greg Berman, along with George Mason University professor David Weisburd, argue proactive policing can work to reduce crime and improve relationships between police and the community, but it must be narrowly targeted and paired with community engagement and fairness.

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