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    Neighbors in Action works to make the central Brooklyn neighborhoods of Crown Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant safer and healthier for all.

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    Fact Sheet: The Health Housing and Justice Alliance

    With support from the Clinical Scholars Program, a national health leadership initiative funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Newark Community Solutions convened a group of cross-sector service organizations and community members as part of the Health, Housing, and Justice Access (HHJ) project.  The goal was to increase equity and accessibility for virtual health, social service, and court proceedings during the pandemic.

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    Community First: The Right Approach to Mental Health Crises and Homelessness

    Whether it is a warm meal or a pair of shoes, we help people who are housing insecure and living with severe mental health issues address immediate needs and then work towards linking them to longer-term housing, services, and support. With programs like Community First, law enforcement no longer has to be the only response to mental health crises and homelessness.

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    The Inequities of COVID-19: A Focus on Public Housing

    The effects of the coronavirus are not being experienced equally. Whether it’s infection rates, deaths, or job losses, people of low-income and of color are being hit hardest. In New York City, many of those effects are concentrated in communities where public housing is located. Our Neighborhood Safety Initiatives works with public housing residents. On New Thinking, the program's Alicia Arrington explains the challenge, and the response.

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  • Putting the Community First in Planning for a Brooklyn Neighborhood’s Future

    In their first semester, students from Pratt’s Graduate Center for Planning and the Environment (GCPE) worked with our Brownsville Community Justice Center to come up with youth-focused economic development on Belmont Avenue. The students learned about the systemic disinvestment in the community and developed a framework for investing in and keeping resources in Brownsville while empowering the community to drive its economic development.

  • New York Is Pushing Homeless People Off the Streets. Where Will They Go?

    The New York Times

    Expounding on the many challenges when addressing housing insecurity, this New York Times article features the work of Community First, an initiative of our Midtown Community Court. The goal of Community First is to build trust with homeless populations in order to get them into longer-term housing and support. As program director Lauren Curatolo states, “We want to support you so that you eventually want to have a bed in a space.” 

  • ‘Harlem Garden Ladies’ Creating Green Space In Their NYCHA Development


    In an effort to bring the community together, over a dozen mothers, grandmothers, and other family members are creating more green space at their NYCHA development. Thanks to funding from the Mayor’s Action Plan and working along with Neighborhood Safety Initiatives, the “Harlem Garden Ladies” are expanding and adding more green space to the Polo Grounds Towers in Harlem. If you were to ask them, these women say "they are planting seeds and then watching the good in the community grow."

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