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  • Project Reset

    Project Reset is a diversion program offering a new response to a low-level arrest that is proportionate, effective, and restorative.

  • Supervised Release Program

    The Supervised Release Program reduces the number of people held in jail simply because they cannot afford bail.

  • Driver Accountability Program

    The Driver Accountability Program is an innovative response to driving-related offenses that seeks to improve traffic safety and increase accountability among dangerous drivers. 

  • Youth Impact

    Youth can be transformative leaders, addressing inequity in their communities and the factors that lead to youth involvement in the criminal legal system.  

Our Impact

  • $340K estimated savings to New York City from community service performed by clients of Bronx Community Solutions

  • 8,000 Bronx Community Solutions works with more than 8,000 cases each year

  • 43% New York City credited Bronx Community Solutions with contributing to a 43% drop in jail sentences for misdemeanor defendants in the Bronx

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Partners include the New York State Unified Court SystemBronx District Attorney’s Office, Criminal Justice Coordinator’s Office of the City of New York, the local defense bar, members of the Bronx community, and hundreds of local service providers and community groups.

We rely on the generosity of supporters to do the work we do.