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  • 4x Project Reset participants were four times less likely than matched comparison defendants to be convicted on a new arrest at one year.

  • 186 On average, Project Reset cases were resolved 186 days more quickly than cases handled by traditional prosecution.

  • 96% of participants said they would recommend Project Reset to others.

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I feel like whoever made this program was a genius at giving people second chances and the push they may need. I’m happy I did this and shout out to the officer that put me in this.
Adolescent participant in our Project Reset programming

Publications & Digital Media

  • Publication

    Fact Sheet: Project Reset

    Project Reset is a diversion program operating in Manhattan and the Bronx offering a new response to low-level offending that is proportionate, effective, and restorative. Participants who complete brief community-based programming avoid a criminal record without ever setting foot in a courtroom.

  • Audio

    Art vs. Mass Incarceration

    Can art transform the criminal justice system? On this special edition of New Thinking, host Matt Watkins sits down with two New York City artists on the rise—Derek Fordjour and Shaun Leonardo—who both work with our Project Reset to provide an arts-based alternative to court and a criminal record for people arrested on a low-level charge. With the program set to expand city-wide, the three discuss art's potential to expose and contain a racialized criminal justice system.

  • Publication

    Project Reset: An Evaluation of a Pre-Arraignment Diversion Program in New York City

    Project Reset seeks to provide a more proportionate and meaningful response to low-level offending by offering individuals with no prior arrests the opportunity to avoid prosecution and the collateral consequences of justice-involvement. This report evaluates the program pilot for 16- and 17-year-olds in Manhattan. Results point to positive impacts overall: participants had fewer new arrests and convictions and spent longer periods without experiencing a new arrest. Nearly all of the participants reported they would recommend the program to others.

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  • Changemakers in Action: Anna Pomper

    Anna Pomper believes that we can work towards healing through people-centered justice: how we treat each other and how we address harm when it’s caused.

  • The City's Five DA's Say NYC Must Fund Project Reset

    New York Daily News

    Darcel Clark, Eric Gonzalez, Melinda Katz, Michael Mcmahon And Cy Vance—the district attorneys representing all five boroughs in New York City—came together to write their support of Project Reset, a criminal diversion effort, which is at-risk of losing funding if the city does not renew the program by September 30.

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Project Reset is a collaboration among the Center for Court Innovation, New York City Police Department, New York City Council, New York County District Attorney’s Office, Kings County District Attorney’s Office, Bronx District Attorney’s Office, the Queens District Attorney’s Office, the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office, the Osborne Association, Young New Yorkers, the Legal Aid Society, Bronx Defenders, Brooklyn Defender Services, New York County Defender Services, and Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem.

Project Reset is funded by the New York City Council, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Criminal Justice Investment Initiative, and private donors. For more information on Project Reset Manhattan please visit

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