Project Reset

Project Reset
Project Reset
I feel like whoever made this program was a genius at giving people second chances and the push they may need. I’m happy I did this and shout out to the officer that put me in this.
Adolescent participant in our Project Reset programming

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    An Introduction to Youth Reset

    This video provides a short and engaging introduction to Youth Reset (part of Project Reset), our program providing meaningful diversion opportunities for 16- and 17-year-olds in New York City arrested for the first time for a low-level, non-violent crime. Successful participants will never set foot in a courtroom and will have no criminal record. The video explains the requirements of the program, the opportunity to be connected with voluntary services, and the criteria for eligibility.

  • Publication

    Fact Sheet: Project Reset

    This fact sheet provides an overview of Project Reset, an initiative that seeks to create meaningful diversion opportunities at the point of arrest for teens and adults in New York City.

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Project Reset is a collaboration among the Center for Court Innovation and the New York City Police Department, New York County District Attorney's Office, Kings County District Attorney's Office, the Office of Court Administration, the Osborne Association, Young New Yorkers, the Legal Aid Society, Brooklyn Defender Services, New York County Defender Services, Neighborhood Defender Service of Harlem, the Defense Bar, and the 18-B panel. Project Reset is funded in part by the New York County District Attorney’s Criminal Justice Investment Initiative (CJII). For more information on CJII, please visit:

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