Bail Reform

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  • Bronx Community Solutions

    Bronx Community Solutions applies a problem-solving approach to cases in the Bronx centralized criminal court, providing judges with community-based alternatives to jail and fines.

  • Brooklyn Justice Initiatives

    Brooklyn Justice Initiatives seeks to improve how the centralized criminal court in Brooklyn responds to misdemeanor and felony cases.

  • Price of Justice Initiative

    The Price of Justice Initiative helps jurisdictions address the disparate impact of fines and fees on defendants who cannot afford them.

  • Rethinking Rikers Island

    By providing support to the Independent Commission on Criminal Justice and Incarceration Reform, we're aiding in the effort to reduce New York City’s jail population and close Rikers Island.

  • Staten Island Justice Center

    The Staten Island Justice Center seeks to reduce crime and incarceration by providing court-involved participants with supportive services and by engaging the community in prevention prog

  • Supervised Release Program

    The Supervised Release Program reduces the number of people held in jail simply because they cannot afford bail.

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  • Blaming Violent Crime on Bail Reform


    New York's bail reform "probably increases public safety, by avoiding the harmful effects that create recidivism." Citing our director of jail reform, Mike Rempel, Gothamist examines the campaign to link bail reform to violent crime.

  • Spock vs Kirk: The Battle Over NY Bail Reform

    The Crime Report

    Comparing it to the eternal debate between Spock and Captain Kirk on Star Trek, our director Greg Berman
    writes about the public debate around New York’s bail reform law and how—and when—to judge the success of this new law. 

  • New York Bail Reform's Effect on Crime

    City & State New York

    In an article looking at crime rates in New York City in the immediate aftermath of New York State's bail reform, our director of jail reform, Michael Rempel, points to the potentially crime-producing effects of pretrial detention itself, arguing that, in the long run, such detention can make the public less, not more, safe.

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