Rethinking Incarceration News Archive

  • A Man is Arrested 160 Times. How Do We Address the Underlying Issues?

    The City

    Barry has been arrested approximately 160 times, while facing drug addiction, homelessness, and a lack of job skills and opportunities. As our executive director Courtney Bryan and senior staff say, there are alternatives to the criminal justice system that can address the underlying factors that cause the behavior and find solutions for a new path forward.

  • The Virus Should Speed Efforts to Shrink America’s Prison Population

    The Economist

    Jails across the U.S. are releasing people to stop the spread of COVID-19 behind bars, but a lot of people remain. Julian Adler, our director of policy and research, says that some of the population who remain likely pose little threat to public safety, and that he "hopes the current push to rethink who should be kept inside will change public attitudes in the longer term."