Demonstration Projects


The Center creates new programs that test innovative approaches to public safety problems. Underlying this work is the idea that, rather than simply processing cases, the justice system should seek to change the behavior of offenders, enhance the safety of victims and improve public trust in justice. While the Center's projects cover a broad range of topics—from juvenile delinquency to the reentry of ex-offenders into society—the approach is always the same: rigorous, collaborative planning and an emphasis on using data to document results and ensure accountability. The Center's operating programs projects have achieved tangible results like safer streets, reduced incarceration, and improved neighborhood quality of life.

Project List

Bronx Community Solutions

Bronx Community Solutions is an initiative that seeks to apply a problem-solving approach to non-violent cases in the Bronx.

Bronx Infant Court

Bronx Infant Court seeks to address trauma among young children involved in Family Court cases in the Bronx.

Brooklyn Domestic Violence Court

The Brooklyn Felony Domestic Violence Court adjudicates all indicted domestic violence felonies in the borough of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn Justice Initiatives

Brooklyn Justice Initiatives seeks to forge a new response to misdemeanor defendants in Kings County, New York.

Brooklyn Mental Health Court

The Brooklyn Mental Health Court seeks to craft a meaningful response to the problems posed by defendants with mental illness.

Brooklyn Treatment Court

The Brooklyn Treatment Court is New York City’s first drug treatment court.

Brownsville Community Justice Center

Brownsville Community Justice Center seeks to provide young people in Brownsville opportunities to avoid incarceration, unemployment, and poverty.

Centre for Justice Innovation

Centre for Justice Innovation seeks to promote criminal justice reform in England and Wales.

Child Witness Support Program

The Child and Adolescent Witness Support Program provides mental health support and referrals to children and adolescents exposed to violent crime.

Crown Heights Community Mediation Center

The Mediation Center is a unique neighborhood institution that works to improve community problem-solving, collaboration, and inter-group relations.

Domestic Violence Court

New York's criminal domestic violence courts build on a court model first established with the Brooklyn Felony Domestic Violence Court in 1996.

Harlem Community Justice Center

The Harlem Community Justice Center seeks to solve neighborhood problems—including youth crime, landlord-tenant disputes.

Integrated Domestic Violence Court

Integrated Domestic Violence Courts seek to concentrate responsibility for defendant oversight in the hands of a single judge.

Manhattan Family Treatment Court

The Manhattan Family Treatment Court addresses the problems of children neglected by substance-abusing parents or guardians.

Midtown Community Court

The Midtown Community Court targets quality-of-life offenses, such as prostitution, illegal vending, graffiti, shoplifting, farebeating and vandalism.

Newark Community Solutions

Newark Community Solutions is an innovative justice project that applies a problem-solving approach to non-violent cases in Newark's Municipal Court.

Parent Support Programs

Parent Support Program is helping non-custodial parents meet their child support obligations and build stronger relationships with their children.

Parole Reentry Court

The Parole Reentry Court helps parolees returning from incarceration make the transition from life in prison to responsible citizenship.

Peacemaking Program

Peacemaking is a traditional Native American approach to justice that focuses on healing and restoration rather than punishment.

Queens Youth Justice Center

Queens Engagement Strategies for Teens is a community-based program that provides an alternative to youth detention.

Red Hook Community Justice Center

The Red Hook Community Justice Center in Brooklyn is the nation's first multi-jurisdictional community court.

Staten Island Youth Justice Center

The Staten Island Youth Justice Center consists of several programs focused on positive engagement of local and justice-involved youth.

Syracuse Office

The Center for Court Innovation's Syracuse office supports innovative justice reform projects throughout upstate New York.


UPNEXT is a workforce development and fatherhood engagement initiative of the Midtown Community Court.

Westchester Court Education Initiative

The Westchester Court Education Initiative promotes educational stability and academic success for students involved in the Westchester Family Court.

Youth Court

Youth courts train teenagers to serve as jurors, judges and advocates, handling real-life cases involving their peers.

Youth Domestic Violence Court

Brooklyn’s Youthful Offender Domestic Violence Court is the first court to address exclusively misdemeanor domestic violence cases among teenagers.

Youth Justice Board

The Youth Justice Board is an after-school program that brings together young people to study and propose solutions to the public safety challenges.

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