Teenagers to See Counselor, Not Judge, for Minor Crimes

New York Times, January 13 2015

The New York Times covers a new pilot program run by the Center for Court Innovation that will allow 16- and 17-year-olds arrested for low-level offenses to be diverted from formal prosecution.

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Community Courts Let the Punishment Fit the Crime, Compassionately

The Christian Science Monitor, January 10 2015

The Christian Science Monitor shows how community courts around the country are working to reduce recidivism and incarceration. 

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Reducing Jail: A New York Story

TalkPoverty, December 3 2014

An article by Greg Berman in Talk Poverty on how alternatives to incarceration have helped reduce jail-use in New York and nationwide. 

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A Surprising Portrait of the Misdemeanor Criminal

Wall Street Journal, November 9 2014

An op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by Center Director Greg Berman about how the decline in felonies creates an opportunity to focus on people who commit ‘broken-windows’ crimes.


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Fighting Poverty and Reducing Real Time

TalkPoverty, August 20 2014

In TalkPoverty, Julian Adler discusses reducing jail usage and describes Brooklyn Justice Initiatives, a new set of responses to misdemeanor offending.

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Broken Windows 2.0: A Smarter Version

The Crime Report, August 19 2014

Center Director Greg Berman responds to the public debate in New York City over “broken windows” theory in The Crime Report

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De Blasio's $12.7M gun-violence prevention program to put 'interrupters' in high-crime precincts

New York Daily News, August 14 2014

The New York Daily News covers New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's launch of a new plan to combat gun violence, which includes piloting programs like Save Our Streets Crown Heights in other neighborhoods throughout the city.

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Remembering Alfred Siegel

New York Law Journal, February 5 2014

In the New York Law Journal, Greg Berman reflects on the loss of Alfred Siegel, deputy director of the Center for Court Innovation.

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Red Hook Community Court is a success for defendants and taxpayers, study shows

New York Daily News, November 12 2013

The New York Daily News reports on a federally funded survey of the Red Hook Community Justice Center that found that the community court reduced costs, decreased the number of defendants sent to jail and also drove a drop in crime.

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Unlearning Gun Violence

The New York Times, November 12 2013

New York Times columnist Joe Nocera reports on his visit to the Save Our Streets Crown Heights, which is deploying a public health approach to gun violence.

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