Domestic Violence Court

Domestic Violence Court

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"Court staff and stakeholders action plan with their team after visiting a Domestic Violence Mentor Court."
Visiting a Mentor Court

Court staff and stakeholders develop action plans during a Center-led site visit to a Domestic Violence Mentor Court in Boise, Idaho.

"Domestic violence professionals discuss strategies for aiding self-represented litigants in intimate partner violence cases."
Roundtable Discussion

During one of our roundtables, domestic violence professionals discuss strategies for aiding self-represented litigants.

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    Fact Sheet: Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors During the Court Process Checklist

    Coming to the courthouse and participating in hearings can be confusing and intimidating for anyone but is especially so for domestic violence survivors. They may have significant concerns for their and their children’s emotional and physical safety; may be contending with the effects of recent trauma; and may have difficulty accessing the supportive resources that they need. It’s essential for court teams to proactively design and implement strategies to support survivors’ safety and well-being so they can meaningfully participate in the legal process.

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    A Domestic Violence Court Planning Road Map: The Tulalip Tribes’ Experience

    Creating a specialized domestic violence court can be daunting for any community. It requires careful planning, leadership, and the buy-in of partners. The Tulalip Tribes of Washington are tackling the issue of domestic violence head-on, spearheading an initiative to create a specialized court, one of the first in a tribal justice system. This outline of their planning process highlights the steps involved and serves as a useful guide for tribes seeking to strengthen their court’s response to domestic violence. 

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Partners include the New York State Unified Court System, county district attorneys, victim advocates, probation, law enforcement, civil attorneys, and the matrimonial bar.

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