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    Acknowledging Who Your Courthouse Serves: A Conversation with Dr. Anton Treuer

    Dr. Anton Treuer, Professor of Ojibwe at Bemidji State University, discusses the role of bias in the justice system and its impact on Native Americans. He talks about some of the recent initiatives in Beltrami County and we hear from Judge Paul Benshoof about the introduction of tribal flags in the domestic violence court. Dr. Treuer addresses ways in which court staff and others working in the justice system can have frank conversations about bias and historical trauma, and incorporate cultural elements into services for survivors and people who cause harm.

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    Focusing on Family Safety: How a Family Court in Minneapolis Strengthened its Response to Domestic Violence

    In Hennepin County, the family court created a project to address several key and unmet needs. To ensure family safety, the court began screening for and addressing domestic violence in custody/visitation and child support cases. The project also looked to enhance access and improve the court experience for all litigants. It specifically sought to rebuild trust with the Native American community who were not accessing the court system. After judicial listening sessions, the court hired a tribal state liaison and introduced a number of changes to improve the process.

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    Views on Judicial Leadership: Associate Justice Anne K. McKeig

    Associate Justice Anne K. McKeig of the Minnesota Supreme Court talks about the importance of judicial leadership and having a diverse bench. She shares her experience on creating change within the courtroom and the justice system. As part of our national work providing expert assistance to courts and communities looking to implement or improve specialized, court-based responses to domestic violence, this video was made for the Judicial Engagement Network, which works to strengthen judicial leadership on domestic violence.

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