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    Domestic Violence Mentor Court Fact Sheet: Ada County, Idaho

    Ada County Domestic Violence Court, Idaho: A fast-track court disposing of cases in 58 days on average from arrest to sentencing based on the integrated domestic violence court model. A multi-agency team allows the court to implement several best practices, including: supervised probation; post-sentence judicial monitoring; evidence-based offender assessment and specialized treatment; and comprehensive case planning. Click here to listen to Judges James Cawthon and Carolyn Minder discuss the Ada County response to domestic violence.

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    Domestic Violence Mentor Court Fact Sheet: Stearns County, Minnesota

    Stearns County Domestic Violence Court, Minnesota: Handles serious repeat offenders from the time of arrest through either commitment to prison or probation supervision. Offenders are monitored around-the-clock for compliance with conditions of release and probation. Victims receive holistic legal services from legal aid attorneys as well as community advocacy from the scene of the arrest and wrap-around services.

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    Domestic Violence Mentor Court Fact Sheet: Kings County, New York

    Brooklyn Integrated Domestic Violence Court, New York: Hears misdemeanor criminal domestic violence cases as well as related family law and divorce cases in a high-volume urban setting. Located directly adjacent to the Brooklyn Family Justice Center, the court is able to work closely with the Kings County District Attorney’s specialized domestic violence bureau and connect victims with 25 on-site government agencies and community-based organizations.

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