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  • Electronic Monitoring Technology Must Be Regulated

    Law 360

    Electronic monitoring is a vast umbrella of technologies and goals, our director of technology Shubha Bala explains in Law360, and in addition to regulation, there needs to be clarity about its expected outcomes.

  • How Technology Can Facilitate Collaboration

    Technology has been a key component in the Harlem Community Justice Center’s growth and community outreach. The tool linking almost all the Justice Center’s components together is the Justice Center Application, which has been used internally by staff almost since the opening of the Center to warehouse information on clients receiving services. The application collects client data in one central database, tracking program enrollment and attendance, referrals, and general case management notes. This information is simultaneously accessible by the judge, prosecutors, defense attorneys and social
  • Technology FAQ

    All the important facets of a community justice collaboration can be enhanced through the use of technology. Here is a list of commonly asked questions about the subject. Q: I want to develop an information system for my community court. How do I start? A: Here are some steps to take if you are developing or adapting an information system: Identify the key players in your community court who will use the information system. At a minimum, these probably include the judge, prosecutor, defense attorney, on-site clinical staff and treatment providers. Ask the key players: What information do you