Evidence-Based Practices News Archive

  • Philly Residents Affected by Gun Violence will be Researching the Root Causes of the Crisis


    Philadelphia is one of five major cities receiving national funding to study the factors driving youth gun violence. The research model involves hiring people with lived experience to ask questions in their own neighborhoods. Our Elise White and Basaime Spate, who are leading the study, share how having credible people ask the questions will improve turnout and the quality of responses. "The folks who live the experience also end up controlling the data at the end, so they control the narrative. And that’s an extremely important thing when you look at the way that gun violence gets talked about,” says Dr. White, research director.

  • What Responsibility do Courts Bear for the Crisis at Rikers Island?

    The New Yorker

    Eric Lach for the New Yorker spends time in the courtroom at arraignment to understand some of the factors fueling the current crisis on Rikers Island. The article cites our research that identified a 2020 spike in judges setting bail and explores the alternatives that judges have to bail--like someone being released on their own recognizance or supervised release.

  • The Reasons for Youth Gun Use


    With shootings on the rise in cities across the U.S., our staff spoke with Brian Lehrer about the reasons young people carry guns, based on their report "Guns, Safety, and the Edge of Adulthood in New York City." Lehrer interviews Research Director, Rachel Swaner Deputy Research Director Elise White, and community-based Research Coordinator Basaime Spate, about the year-long study in NYC.

  • More Nonprofits Embrace Data-Driven Decision-Making

    Crain's New York

    We have long been committed to using data to tell us what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to our reform work. As our director, Greg Berman, explains in this profile of nonprofits' use of data from Crain's New York Business: "I reject the kind of pass-fail analysis where something is a massive success or total failure... If you dig into the data, there's always something you can learn."

  • Our cash bail system isn’t working. We can fix it.

    Washington Post

    Citing our research, former New York Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman makes a case for the increased use of pretrial risk assessments while also emphasizing the importance of transparency and responding to criticisms of the tools.

  • Art, Science and the Challenge of Justice Reform

    The Crime Report

    In this op-ed in The Crime Report, Greg Berman and Julian Adler of the Center for Court Innovation explore current challenges and opportunities for justice reformers and discuss the importance of using a data-driven approach to reform.