Community Justice

A New Community Court Dedicated to the Homeless at Bud Clark Commons Opened Friday

The Oregonian, May 4 2012

The Oregonian covers the first session of the Bud Clark Commons Community Court, the first in the nation located in a homeless facility, and quotes the Center for Court Innovation's director of technical assistance, Julius Lang.

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The Criminal Justice Conversations Podcast with David Onek

Berkeley Law, February 29 2012

Center for Court Innovation Director Greg Berman talks with the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice about community justice and criminal justice reform.

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Community Courts Help Make Justice System Credible, Robinson Says

The Crime Report, January 31 2012

The Crime Report covers Assistant U.S. Attorney General Laurie Robinson's remarks at Community Justice 2012, an international conference on community justice in Washington, D.C.

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Brooklyn District Attorney Sets Sights High for 2012

Brooklyn Daily Eagle, January 4 2012

The Brooklyn Daily Eagle reports on the Kings County District Attorney's goal to clean up Brownsville by instituting re-entry programs and eventually building a community courthouse.

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Involved Communities Support Vermont's Restorative Justice Panels

Involved Communities Support Vermont's Restorative Justice Panels

Yvonne Byrd, director of the Montpelier Community Justice Center, Karen Vastine, the community justice coordinator in Burlington, and Marc Wennberg, director of the St. Alban’s Community Justice Center, explain how volunteers help craft restorative responses to crime and conflict in Vermont.

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Brownsville Murder of Zurana Horton Highlights Need for a Renewed Fight Against Gun Crime

Daily News, November 6 2011

An op-ed from the New York Daily News makes reference to the Center for Court Innovation's research in Brownsville and anti-violence work in Crown Heights through Save Our Streets Crown Heights.   

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Statewide Coordination of Problem-Solving Courts: A Snapshot of Five States

Statewide Coordination of Problem-Solving Courts: A Snapshot of Five States

What are the most important goals of statewide coordination? This fact sheet answers that question by outlining the experience of five states: California, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland and New York.

  • New York
  • 520 8th Avenue
  • 18th Floor
  • New York, NY 10018
  • phone: 646.386.3100
  • Syracuse
  • 601 Tully Street
  • Syracuse, NY 13204
  • phone: 315.266.4330
  • London
  • Canterbury Court
    1-3 Brixton Road
  • London, SW9 6DE
  • phone: +44 2076.329.060