News from 2005

Community Court officially opened

BBC News, October 20 2005

A groundbreaking community centre aimed at dealing with problems such as bad behaviour has officially opened.

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Community Courts Backed

The Vancouver Sun, October 13 2005

Vancouver - B.C.'s chief judges want to create a new community court that would get the public involved in punishing and rehabilitating chronic repeat offenders of property crime, many of whom suffer from drug addiction and mental health problems.

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Community Courts To Be Tried on Larger Scale in the Bronx

The New York Sun, October 7 2005

Community courts have had such success in Midtown, Harlem, and Red Hook, according to the New York State Unified Court System, that it's time to try them on a larger scale—the Bronx.

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Volunteers to keep criminals on side

Liverpool Daily Post, September 26 2005

Convicted criminals could be assigned mentors who will offer practical and emotional support during their sentence. Side by Side is the latest project to come from a New York-style Community Justice Centre in Liverpool where local people help set the penalties for crime and anti-social behaviour.

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A New Order in the Court

Mother Jones, July 1 2005

An estimated 73 percent of domestic violence assaults go unreported, largely because of women’s lack of faith in the system, according to the National Institute of Justice. Filing a report means dealing with a justice system that forces women to testify, bounces them between multiple courtrooms, and leaves them vulnerable.

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Youth Justice Board – Teenagers Studying (Not Committing) Crime

Gotham Gazette, July 1 2005

The first juvenile delinquents in New York City go back to 1797; these were the first young New Yorkers, in any case, who were thrown in (the newly built) jail.

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Good Courts: An Interview with Greg Berman

Mother Jones, June 18 2005

Our criminal courts aren't working, argues the author. Time to give problem-solving justice "a shot."

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Teen Justice in Red Hook

WNYC, May 31 2005

An experiment in criminal justice grows in Brooklyn. As we reported on Morning Edition last week, the Red Hook Community Justice Center is taking a novel approach at justice.

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In Problem-Solving Court, Judges Turn Therapist

New York Times, April 26 2005

The traditional role of a judge is a stark one: to decide who wins and who loses, who is innocent and who is guilty, who goes to prison and who goes free.

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One-stop justice on the way

The Age, April 23 2005

Victoria is to get a speedy "one-stop" court handling everything from family disputes and tenancy complaints to minor crimes and civil cases. The court, part of a new Neighbourhood Justice Centre, could handle cases within a two day period.

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