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Research and evaluation are cornerstones of the Center's work. The Center rigorously examines the results of its projects, incorporating evaluation plans into its demonstration projects and asking what works, what doesn't, and why. The Center also conducts research on other problem-solving courts across the country.

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Center researchers are available to:

  • conduct research or evaluation projects concerning problem-solving approaches in state or local court systems;
  • assist jurisdictions involved in planning new problem-solving initiatives by helping them to identify realistic goals, objectives, and benchmarks against which to evaluate performance;
  • provide research technical assistance to jurisdictions seeking to develop their own data collection instruments and research plans; and
  • produce publications and reports.

Recent clients include the California Administrative Office of Courts, which engaged the Center to conduct two research projects. One explores the extent to which key principles and practices of problem-solving courts may be applied more widely throughout a state court system. In the second project, the California Administrative Office of Courts engaged the Center in follow-up research to explore stakeholder buy-in and concerns about the broader use of problem solving in general courts. The Center has also recently completed a statewide evaluation of New York’s adult drug courts, performed for the U.S. Bureau of Justice Assistance and the New York Unified Court System; an evaluation of an experimental parole reentry court in Harlem, performed for the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services and the Bureau of Justice Assistance; and a randomized trial testing the effectiveness of batterer programs and judicial monitoring with domestic violence offenders, performed for the National Institute of Justice.

Read below for a select list of the Center’s current and completed research projects.


  • Randomized Experiment Testing the Impact of Batterer Programs and Judicial Monitoring
  • National Survey of Batterer Programs, Courts, and Battered Women’s Agencies
  • Evaluation of the Brooklyn Youthful Offender Domestic Violence Court
  • Assessing No-Drop Prosecutorial Practices with Domestic Violence Cases
  • National Adult Drug Court Evaluation
  • Evaluation of the Suffolk County (N.Y.) Juvenile Treatment Court
  • Evaluation of the Brooklyn Mental Health Court
  • Evaluation of a Pilot Sex Offender Court
  • The Impact of a Peer Education Model on HIV and Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Research on Best Practices in New York City Family Court


  • Randomized Experiment Testing the Impact of Batterer Programs and Judicial Monitoring
  • Statewide Evaluation of New York’s Adult Drug Courts
  • Two-Phase Evaluation of the Midtown Community Court
  • Opportunities and Barriers to Problem-Solving in Conventional Courts
  • Operation Data: Community Surveys in Long Island City, Red Hook, and Crown Heights
  • Evaluation of the Harlem Parole Reentry Court

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